Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade Shower & Tub Cleaner

I do believe that this is my all time favorite as of right now. I was somewhat skeptical of the ingredients and didn't think it would clean my dirty, soap scum shower doors. But I am now a true believer. If you have glass shower doors that is dirty with that hard to clean soap scum, I DARE you to try this recipe for homemade shower cleaner. I'm not sure where I got this recipe from since I was searching high and low on the Internet for a good one but whoever posted this, HAT'S OFF TO YOU :) Easy and simple ingredients.


1 cup vinegar
1 cup Dawn dish soap

Mix together and pour into a spray bottle. Apply to shower or tub. Let it sit for a few minutes (this lets the vinegar smell dissipate a little). Wipe and rise. Be prepared to be amazed.

Update: I have been using this for over a month now and it has become my #1 choice in cleaning products. I use this to clean everything in my bathroom, even the toilet. My toilet sparkles like never before. I use it in the kitchen to clean my stove, microwave, the cabinets above the stove which seem to always get grease up there and tons more. I promise you will love this stuff. It truly is amazing.